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The cunning Pete or Hustler style Club is the oldest and most traditional two-piece set of club design. Sneaky Pete's original idea was to create a bar clue that looked like a standard to assemble. That way, if a billiard liar uses a high-end club, his opponent will see his club and think it's a pub club.

As for the source of the name, the story is like this. Pitt Anthony Crissafi, also known as the Cunning Pete, was born in New York in 1919 and is a brilliant billiard player. He travels around making money. He is said to have done so because he is not good at playing cards. He stole his favourite club from Fraponi, New York, divided it into two sections and screwed it together so he could carry it with him.

Today, less and fewer people are buying cunning clubs just to coax unsuspecting billiard players. Due to the traditional style and the inner beauty of the cunning Pete, it is still the most popular and best-selling club design style on the market today. Today, the "Sneaky Pete" description is more widely used and applies to any club design that is considered ordinary or basic. This could even include steel connectors like Mezz Sneaky Pete.

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As we all know, most of the performance of the club depends on the body, the first six inches is particularly important. At the end of this most important area is the club tip. Arguably, this is where "rubber touches the road". The top of the billiard bar is transferred from the energy of your billiard rod to the main ball (a little help from chalk) to create the desired results for accuracy, speed and rotation. Because tips have a big impact on your game, it's important to choose the right tip.

We offer one of the widest selection of club tips, with over 25 different brands with a wide range of styles and hardness options. Feeling overwhelmed? Don't be afraid, we're here to help!

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When selecting the tip of the club rod, the main characteristics to be noted are density and hardness. The hardness of the ball head ranges from "super soft" to as hard (phenolic) as the main ball itself. The hardness of the club head you choose will depend on your club style, whether it is used to play the club or to break the club. To see the full list of prompts and their specific density, check out our billiards club tip density table.

The soft ball absorbs more impact than the hard ball head, making the ball head stay on the main ball for a moment longer than the hard ball head. This will result in more main ball rotation, often referred to as "English", when hitting the center of the main ball. Softer heads tend to deform faster and require more maintenance to maintain a good circle and repair any mushrooms when the tip protrudes the edge of the hoop. Due to the need for additional maintenance, softer nozzles eventually need to be replaced more frequently.

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